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We have built computers to do our drudgery and to organise our data. Or at least, that's what should happen. But if you've intractable data, or have to plough through boring and repetitive tasks, then the chances are you are not using IT to its potential.

Sealgar can build custom Internet-based solutions, tailored exactly to your needs. We only use mature, reliable and maintainable Java(™)-based technology, running on the latest version of the Tomcat web-server. Backed up, where necessary, by the industry-standard MySQL database.

You might have need of an online shop, with shopping basket facility. Or an availability checker and booking system for a Guest House/Hotel. Or possibly you might want to put data of some sort on your organisation's intranet so staff can easily consult and change it. The possibilities are endless, but the principal is the same: let the computer do the work where possible!

Contact us to see what solutions we can provide for you: our first consultation is always free and we promise to use non-technical language.